Official Twitter Small Business Guide..

Twitter for business guideI’ve been lucky enough to have been sent the official Twitter for Your Business Guide by @TwitterUK_SME

It covers:

A successful Tweet for help


Chapter 1: The numbers
People are already tweeting about you
What users want to hear
Twitter on the go: The small business advantage

Chapter 2: Get started
Welcome to Twitter
What is a Tweet?
Set up your profile

Chapter 3: Engage your audience
Listen first
Find your voice
Respond, react & retweet
Make it a habit
A week on Twitter
Tweet something sharable

Chapter 4: Amplify your impact
Promote your Twitter @username
Use your followers to get more followers
Connect with like-minded businesses
Measure and increase your impact

Innovative uses of Twitter

Ten steps to increasing your engagement

Download here: Twitter for Business

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